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Content Publishing and Distribution

  • iPhone MacWorld Cover From Concept to Print

    By David Passiak on August 17, 2009
    Cover creation from Peter Belanger on Vimeo. This excellent time-lapse video by Peter Belanger follows him and Rob Schultz in their collaborative process of creating a recent cover of MacWorld featuring the new iPhone.  Focus is on photography, layout in Photoshop, and design. It’s fun to see the actual execution of a creative concept from start to print – literally, […]
  • RIP Big Investments from People who Don’t Understand “The Internet”

    By David Passiak on July 19, 2009
    The Wallstreet Journal recently published an article proclaiming the end of internet investing. Author James Altucher’s wholesale dismissal of “the internet,” from MySpace to Time Warner’s selling of AOL to the troubles of Facebook and Twitter to monetize their platforms, is both alarming and interesting. I would agree with Altucher that “the internet” is dead as destination websites are suffering […]
  • The state of journalism – or content in general?

    By David Passiak on March 12, 2009
    This seems to be the week of interesting things in the content distribution space My friend Yasmin Hamidi  posted a link of a story on Journalism School’s “existential crisis” as interpreted by New York Magazine.  A few days ago I wrote about the Guardian’s new API, and Stephen Rubel wrote an open letter re: the Amazon Kindle that appealed to […]
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  • Content is King – The Guardian’s new API

    By David Passiak on March 10, 2009
    Things sure have come a long way since the news rooms of the old days! Over 500 publications went out of business last year, and an additional 100 in 2009. Not surprising, have you picked up a magazine lately?  They’re pretty thin on the ads… An unfortunate consequence of the global economic recession is many conventional businesses have to change […]
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