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Disruption Revolution – the latest book by David Passiak is available now!


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Disruption Revolution provides the first comprehensive view of how innovation will disrupt and redefine business, society and culture. It consists of over 20 interviews with visionary leaders, best selling authors, LinkedIn influencers, CEOs and founders of the most innovative companies in the world. Plus charts, graphs, and key terms.  

Innovation impacts each of us differently depending upon our role within an organization.  This is why we conducted thematic interviews from the perspective of experts in five different aspects of innovation.

1.  Disruption Is The New Norm

2.  Entrepreneurship and Leadership

3.  Innovation and the Enterprise

4.  Marketing and Communications

5.  Best Strategies for Daily Life

Everything is about to change – this book will show you how.  Click here to visit the Disruption Revolution website and download your own FREE copy now!